Are Your Managers Managing?

Most managers aren’t managing

How do you know ifManaging Wordcloud yours are?

When your managers are not managing effectively, you’re drawn into the day to day detail instead of leading your business

Effective managers free up your time to lead the business.

In-effective managers are one of the biggest constraints on business growth*

New managers are often appointed because they were brilliant at what they did. But have you invested in making them effective at what you want them to do now?

All too often they are lost, lack confidence, struggle to prioritise and are less productive. The result is teams that are de-motivated, lack direction and under-perform.

Through our proven “Stepping Up to Management” programme we will accelerate how they gain and implement the knowledge they need to become effective managers, managing effective teams.

5 key benefits of Stepping Up to Management:

  • Confident and motivated individuals making the most of their skills;
  • Clear understanding of roles and responsibilities creating better performing teams;
  • Focus on added value activities;
  • Engaged workforce contributing to improved productivity and performance;
  • All employees using their initiative.

 * Leadership & Management In The UK – The Key To Sustainable Growth – Department of Business Innovation and Skills

Praise SiMStepping Up to Management is available as an in-company course or book a place on the next public course. To book call 01943-862209 or email


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Part One: First Steps – 24th Oct, 6th Feb, £250+vat

Part Two: Next Steps – 12th Dec, 23rd Jan, 6th Mar, £250+vat

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