Train Your Way out of Recession

Well I would say that wouldn’t I? Of course – I am in this business because I believe in the value of developing people, but in these hard times a lot of organisations are cutting back on training and it is encouraging that articles like this appear to fuel the debate and hopefully encourage people to think carefully before making potentially counter productive cutbacks.
The full article can be accessed by clicking on the blog title, but highlights follow:
Investing in your staff will improve productivity and save you money
Britain’s employers are being urged to “grow their own” after researchers at Cranfield School of Management discovered that investing in training not only saves money but is more effective than shopping around for talent.
The report, Nurturing Talent, is the first to compare the impact of recruiting externally with that of developing employees. Three quarters of the 1,189 companies involved in the study felt that training their own staff was more beneficial to their business than recruiting people from outside. Half the companies discovered that training staff made them more likely to stay. One-third found it increased staff motivation, and almost half actually saved money in the process.
Much of this may be obvious, but useful to have some hard facts to go with the strong feelings!

Poor Managers Bad For Your Heart!

The latest thing to blame your boss for – now Swedish researchers are claiming that poor management, or more specifically leadership increases the risk of serious heart disease and heart attacks among employees. How long before we see the first lawsuit?

Health and Safety, Stress, Performance, and Productivity are all areas that have been part of a manager’s responsibility for some time. Some managers will throw their hands up in despair that they now have to look after the health of their workers, but the better ones will know this has always been the case implicitly, if not explicitly. Stress is a good example of how awareness has increased in recent years and most leaders now realise that they need to understand its causes, symptoms and how to reduce it – for themselves and their teams. Unfortunately a large part of this increased awareness is due to the ever more litigous society we live in, not because managers have become more sensitive!

General health is just an extension of this – healthy workers are more productive and motivated, so we should be concerned about it. There is a business case as well as a humanistic one. There are many ways we can help people to be more healthy and wise. We can bring in life coaches, personal trainers and work-place massage therapists, all of whom are becoming more common in many organisations. Or we can learn to be better leaders and role models ourselves.

As with so much of leadership, this starts with how you manage yourself. As my old school motto put it – “Mens Sana in Corpore Sano” or a healthy mind in a healthy body. Look after yourself and then look after others. Or as Stephen Covey puts it in the “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” – “Sharpen Your Saw“…..

Living and Learning and Leading.

Hello, I am Steve Goodwill, founder and Managing Director of Goodwill Training. I formed my training company in 1989 and incorporated in 2004. We design and deliver learning and development events to help people to become more effective, confident, liberated, and motivated so that they can contribute more to the organisations they serve.
A key aspect of our training is the title of this blog – “Learning Through Experience”. Training can be, and I believe should be enjoyable and memorable, but the key is applying the learning in our lives. On our programmes we use a lot of experiential activities to make this happen – but we encourage participants to consider, analyse and learn from all of their experiences, not just those on the programme.
There is an old saying that “We live and learn.” If only this was true! Too often we fail to recognise the lessons or apply them to our lives. We try to address this on our events, but recognise that only the individual can do that, all we can do is try to show and model the way.
It has often been said that you cannot manage others until you can manage yourself. This is just as true for Leadership. While not wanting to debate here the difference between Managing and Leading, I am trying to make a point about learning. An update of that old saying might be:
We Live and Learn and Lead.”
…. but only if we work at it consciously and deliberately.