“Feedback – The Breakfast of Champions”Ken BlanchardCompliments

I still think the Leadership training I did with you stands out as some of the best training I have done. I refer to chunks of it regularly and have cascaded various bits to my team over the years. Thank you!!

S.M. Packaging Buyer

Steve and Pete March pitched for a contract to run a Masters programme: “Induction and Finaleoutdoor team build” event for Nottingham Business School. They were a formidable team and outclassed all the other ‘bidders’. We have worked together ever since (2008), running 4 events per year for over 30 delegates per event. Steve fronts the events for the training      team. Steve’s military experience and bearing is obvious to anyone who works with him. He carries it with a real sense of personal integrity and duty of care to his clients and the events he runs. But more than this, he has sound business management experience which he brings too. As a consequence he understands the business context and desired outcomes of the interventions he is involved with and designs. I find Steve a delight to work with. He delivers good sense. Our delegates really warm to him and learn well from him. Can I say more? Only that I look forward to working with him again!”      

John Fredericks, Senior Lecturer, NBS.

Steve is one of the most dynamic trainers I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and I have met hundreds over the years. Training Manager, Pindar.

When a need for training with an outdoor element was identified Steve was my first choice as a provider. Having worked with Steve and been a delegate on one of his courses some years ago I Reviewknew he was the man to design a programme that would take the delegates out of their comfort zone in an environment that was safe and supported – he didn’t disappoint. Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust – an acute hospital in East Staffordshire – asked me to work with one of the matrons to design a 12 month development programme for 15 of our ward managers. The programme needed an opening event with an element of outdoor activity involved. We were clear about the outcomes we needed the event to achieve and it was these outcomes Steve was interested in when he came to visit us to accept the brief – always the sign of a good trainer.             To say the audience was reluctant would understate the barriers Steve and his colleague faced on day 1 but they both worked hard to break down the barriers and by the close of the event on day 2 the delegates did not want to leave! Post course evaluation scored the training between 9 and 20 out of 10. The combination of cerebral and physical tasks (with opt out always available and safety always paramount) coupled with the links back to the work environment was absolutely perfect. We will be rolling this programme out to other leaders in the Trust and given the feedback the delegates on this programme have given their colleagues I would be lynched if I didn’t commission Steve again.

Geoff Neild, Deputy Director of Human Resources, Burton Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, October 2009.

“What I enjoyed most about  Steve’s training courses, is that they were anything but staid… the  learning environments he created were stimulating and fun, encouraging  delegates such as myself to ditch our blinkers and stretch our rusty minds  every which way out. I came away from his courses feeling that I’d not only  gained valuable management tools for the workplace, but that I’d also made  some enlightening, light bulb-moment discoveries about myself. Steve is an  inspirational facilitator.” September 26, 2010

Fenella England, Travel Manager.

“Steve  has worked at all levels of the McCain business on development programmes for  teams from hourly paid team leaders to board level. His practical approach to  learning and delivery of material, alongside his vast personal experience  & knowledge means he builds a good level of trust and rapport for the  improved effectiveness of individual learning.” September  24, 2010

Jane  White, Shift Manager.

“Steve  taught me some of the most valuable things I have used in my management career  to date, usually through the use of imaginative (and often hilarious) team  exercises and tasks. Highly recommended to deliver personal development  training in a way that you will always remember !” September  15, 2010

Barrie  Thomas, Group Environment Manager.

“Steve  has helped a number of colleagues at McCain through his provoking ideas and  easy professional manner. He is very good at developing people through  activities which in many cases really drive the business worth home. I have  personally been on at least three different training courses with Steve and in  every case not only have I learnt a lot about how to improve our business, but  I have learnt a lot about myself and how others see me – once you’re at that  point you really can make a difference! I’d recommend Steve any time you want  to get people thinking differently about how they do business.” September  13, 2010

Andy Sarney, Lean Manager.

“You  want to know about ‘leadership’? Ask a man that worked his way through the  ranks of the Royal Marines.
I have done several workshops with Steve, specifically on the much discussed  subject of leadership. Steve brings a wealth of experience to the subject and  delivers it in a creative, insightful, fun and practical fashion.
A personable and inspiring character that will undoubtedly add value to any  organisation he works with. He helps managers become leaders through academic  research, papers and insight, first-hand experience and hands-on practical  sessions. I found his sessions to be some of the illuminating of my career so  far and still refer to and use today so much of what I learned.
I would strongly recommend Steve to any organisation.

Shane Monkman   Buying Manager, Packaging   ASDA September 13, 2010

“Steve has provided me with  many years of service developing teams across all levels of the business from  my peer group and above to my own team and below. Steve engages and energises  from line operators to directors, enabling them to understand themsleves and  others to maximise the results that the team can achieve.   Steve provides learning opportunities from the class room to underground in  dark caverns, in these environments we could push the boundaries of comfort  and learn what more we can achieve by doing so. Steve has also provided  workshops on creativity which enabled me to develop closer relationships with  the major fast food company in the world, generating new ideas and practices  for the benefit of both companies.” September 10, 2010

Paul  Major, Production Manager.

“Steve  is a fantastic natural trainer who delivers his message in a friendly, down to  earth and easily understandable way. Steve has a wealth of experience and  anecdotes that transfer theories into useable practice.” June  28, 2010

Sue  Lock, Director, Key Consultants Ltd

“Steve  helped a newly forming team understand the dynamics and chemistry of teamwork  and team development, taking us through the key phases in tough, but memorable  and enjoyable ways. I would definitely recommend Steve to help deliver  practical and effective team development experiences.”

Neil Hepplewhite, Marketing Director, Seven Seas, March  21, 2010

“Steve is a  relaxed, humorous, and highly professional facilitator – he’s never fazed by  difficult groups and keeps an excellent balance between the needs of the  paying customers and the group he’s working with – ensuring that all  developmental needs are met. We’ve worked together for all of a decade and  half of a world, and I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to work  with a good trainer and facilitator…” November 2, 2009

Willem  Krouwel, Owner, QED Management Learning

Steve did a number of days internal training for our organisation. The objectives were to help people identify sales more effectively and better understand the sales process for non-sales people. Steve conceptualised a very different idea, utilising the Olympics as a theme which was engaging and brought some fun to the course. I’ve no hesitation in recommending Steve to anyone looking for training.”

A.C., Sales & Marketing Manager, Bradford Chamber of Commerce, November 27, 2008

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and have learnt an immense amount about people, how they behave, and their attitudes – fully helpful and enjoyable learning experience.

Pete Sumpton, McCain Charge-hand Development Programme, Jan- Nov 08.

Turning 20’ish individuals into 20’ish colleagues who will work together in the future in a single day is some target but it was achieved – an excellent day and real value for the time spent.

Neil, Bradford & Bingley

The awayday was spot on for me – I had one main objective, but came away with so much more! I wanted to the chance to get to know people on the project – to understand them a little more to make working with them easier – what makes them tick, what are they about, what are their motivations. What I came away with was a bunch of great acquaintances that I’m looking forward to working with. The introspective element of looking at team styles was spot on – I enjoyed a bit of self reflection and came away with a couple of self-development points – THAT WAS A BONUS! I was very thankful of the opportunity to take part – thanks to all

Gaz, Bradford & Bingley

A worthwhile team building experience which balanced fun and team achievement. It was good to meet others involved in the project in an informal environment away from the pressures of the work place, this will aid freer communication across the multiple companies throughout the project and beyond.

Simon, Bradford & Bingley

A fantastic day that provided great insight into the core elements of a team and how to maximise throughput.  Cant wait fort the next one. Thanks!”

Greg, Bradford & Bingley

I enjoyed the awayday – it was good to get out of the office and meet some of the Bradford and Bingley people. I thought the exercises were pretty well thought out.

Neil, BBG

The day was a great idea, was good fun with a strong underlying message and delivered many benefits namely; Meeting and forming bonds with other project members that were just ‘voices on the phone’ beforehand; Reiterating the benefits of working as a team; The importance of clear and frequent communication; Recognising the strengths of individuals and how best to use those.

Paul, BBG

Great day out – nice to meet and chat with everyone. Alison, BBG

It was fun, friendly, enjoyable and more importantly I think everyone will have learned something about themselves – strengths and weaknesses and the way they operate and how they need to do things differently.  It provided a good opportunity to take time away from work and reflect on our behaviours at work, overall, it was a huge success! Seria, BBG

I thought the day was brill, very organised really enjoyed meeting new people from Ventura It was a real team effort enjoyed taking part in the tasks Thanks again for the invite. Caz, BBG

I really enjoyed getting to know people from both Bradford and Bingley and the other organisations involved in the project. I found Belbin very interesting and a great insight unto mine and other peoples Team roles. Over all it was a great experience even if we did get a little wet!! Thanks, Emily, BBG.

I really enjoyed myself on the day and I thought the Belbin exercise was very interesting and useful. It was a really good opportunity to meet up with the full project team.  Jane, Bradford & Bingley.

Thank you for facilitating the course, which was extremely beneficial for all      participants. The course has given people more confidence to tackle issues      that have been of concern for some time. 

Assistant Manager, Personnel, Cathay Pacific.

Thanks for a thoroughly enjoyable two days. I have practised the techniques on our project and they are proving instrumental in training & moving forward. My boss was impressed and has passed it on to the Management team.    

Engineering Manager on Problem Solving course.

A well balanced course, educational and loads of fun, and some great people to work with. Production Chargehand, McCain Foods

The course has been extremely beneficial to me not only in  my career development but also    personally and socially. Engineering Supervisor

The tutor interacted well with the team and spoke in simple language, which was easy to understand. Regional Economic Adivsor, Yorkshire Forward

Thanks for setting up an outstanding couple of days. The feedback from the guys was very    positive. As well as demanding, I think they found it got them thinking on the key issues of handovers, teamwork and delegation. Above all though, they enjoyed it immensely and it’s got us into our stride for the year ahead. Very good couple of days. Thanks for your help.

Production Manager

Very good team building day – not spoilt by weather. Great sandwiches! Great cake! Steve, Bradford & Bingley

Some one-liners from international delegates during a feedback exercise on a development course with Nottingham Business School:

Energetic & Supportive; Encouraging & Friendly; Good Tutor, Friendly; It was good to have you as our coach, had good fun with you, thank you for everything; Good coach, responsible, nice, smart; I don’t know why, but I think you must be a lovely father, I like your spontaneity; Lucky to have you as our trainer, always optimistic, gave us the chance to solve problems by ourselves; So glad to be one of your group members, you are nice, friendly, a good coach; God bless you, optimistic, kind, easy going, I guess you’ve been through a lot of things, which have created your personality, I hope I can be as mature as you when I am your age. (!)