It Just Makes Sense for Business

Are you really serious about growing your business?

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Every year thousands of businesses cease trading with business owners losing their investment. Many more limp along never really fulfilling their potential. (Half of UK start-ups fail within 5 years.)

Where can business owners and budding entrepreneurs go to gain the knowledge they need to grow their businesses and for them to become profitable and sustainable?

Local organisations are awash with networking events and free “social media courses” but where can a business owner learn about the fundamentals that will drive their business success?

It Just Makes Sense 4 Business was created to rewrite that story for thousands of businesses and business owners. By joining a local IJMS 4 Business group members are accessing the fundamental systems and knowledge to understand how they can drive their success. Membership provides a combination of:

  1. Monthly Momentum meetings with like-minded ambitious business owners like you:

a. Hosted by experienced facilitatorsIJMS Cover

b. Action Learning Forum to apply critical, proven strategies to your business*

c. Opportunity to share ideas and problems and to develop a focussed support network

2. A constantly updated workbook covering business fundamentals

3. Exclusive access to an innovative multi-media platform of short videos, podcasts and other useful resources from some of the brightest independent business coaches and consultants in the country

If you feel that you could be doing better; if you feel you should be doing better; if you need to do better … come and find out more about It Just Makes Sense 4 Business.

The latest IJMS group, Quantum, led by Steve Goodwill will launch on 30th November at the Mill at Scott Hall – contact us now to find out more or secure your place for just £24, which includes a copy of the book.

Also, in this interactive session we’ll show you:

  • How sustained activity and harnessing the compound effect will drive your growth
  • Why goal setting is crucial for business success, exploding some myths, showing you the reality and sharing some tools
  • The value of associating with like-minded ambitious business people and the role of business personal development in your success.

Book now on Eventbrite, call 01943-862209 or email

*What can you learn?

  • Mastering the mundane – essentials that kick start a business and keep it afloat;
  • Understand your business – how many customers do you have, how many do you need?
  • How to grow – attract and retain more customers;
  • Creating the right impression – how important is branding and how to do it;
  • Business plan – a fairy tale for the bank manager or a serious business tool?
  • And much, much more.