Team Development

We run a range of courses to help teams develop and individuals become more effective within teams. The following list gives an idea of the range of topics we can cover.

Roles in Teams; Remote Teams; Self-Managed Teams; Stages of Team Development; Team Building; Working in Teams.


Team Development Indoors

We can take you up the Dales, or further afield, however as much learning can be found in a well structured indoor session using tabletop activities, providing useful insights, memorable moments and a lot of fun!

Management Development Outdoors

By Management Development Outdoors we are referring to the use of outdoor activities as a medium for training and learning. This is really an extension of experiential learning, and one that helps learners to access all of the modes of accelerated learning, or SAVI learning – Somatic, Auditory, Visual and Intellectual learning.

These activities may be adventure based, such as caving, climbing or canoeing. They may equally be simple problem solving exercises, using rope, wood or scaffolding, that take place outside. In fact many of the tasks can and frequently are done inside.

For this training to be effective it should be used only when appropriate and crucially it Canoeingmust be integrated with professional facilitation and review.

It is also important that the training is accessible to everyone, regardless of age or fitness – our outdoor exercises are designed with this in mind.

A range of activities can be included. Choosing activities for a group should only be done when the learning objectives and aims of the workshop are clear. We then consider ways of enhancing the learning experience, the group’s abilities, fitness and experience and only then choose an activity for those good reasons, not because “I’d like a go!” Even then we rarely include an activity without designing an exercise around it to emphasise the learning objectives and to take all abilities and preferences of delegates into consideration. However, to give an idea of activities we can include, where appropriate, the following list is included:

Abseiling; Archery; Caving; Circus Skills; Charity Projects; Clay Shooting; Climbing; Command Tasks; Cycling; Duck Herding; Expeditions; F1 Pit Stop Challenge; Falconry; Flight Simulators; Hill Walking; Initiative Tests; Juggling; Mountain Biking; Mystery Scenarios; Navigation Tasks; Orienteering; Theatre; Rafting; River Crossing; Samba Percussion.Abseil